The things I like ADULTS ONLY under 18 PLZ LEAVE!!


Lily and heels love.

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I’m not God, I make mistakes everyday!



Ok so here’s the whole story behind the pic! So we were there just waiting for her and then suddenly she came out and we were FREAKING OUT inside but we very calmly approached her and asked for a pic and she was like “A picture??? Sure!!!” so i (i’m the girl with the blue dress) went to hug her and Chiara went to hug her from the other side while our other friend was trying to explain to the guy who took the pic how to make the camera work so we were just staying there!!! hugging lea michele!!!! and while we were still waiting she asked us how we were doing to which we replied “great, thank you!!!” and then she asked “are you coming to Giffoni tomorrow?” and she mispronounced it and she was literally!!!! the cutest!!!! then the guy took the pic and we were like “you’re amazing” and she replied “thank you!!!!” and!!!! it’s fine i’m fine she was so beautiful and tanned!!!! the cutest angel 

Awww! So sweet!

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